Domestic Violence Hearing Produces Compelling Courtroom Drama

21 Feb

I was in court this afternoon for a hearing on repeat violence.  My client alleged that an employee at her apartment complex had been stalking her.  Unfortunately, the judge found that the evidence was insufficient to grant a permanent injunction.

While waiting for my client’s case, I had to sit through several others.  The case before my client’s case can be described as highly entertaining.  First, I saw two little girls approach separate podiums.  To me they seemed young.  I was wondering how did they get into court or who signed a waiver to allow the testimony of minors.

The girls were each representing themselves. As one girl was testifying, she kept saying our children, our children.  The case started getting curious.  Then one of the girls made reference to “Our Baby Daddy.”  At that point I started to realize what was going on.  The judge was lost and had to ask one of the girls to spell things out.  The two girls had 4 kids who are half siblings.  One girl had three children from the same dad.  The other girl had one child from the same dad.  The judge, my client, and others in the courtroom were in the middle of a “Baby Mama Drama.”

On November 4, 2011, the girls confronted each other at a relative’s house.  I have no idea who thought it would be a good idea for the two girls to be together in the same room.  According to the testimony at the hearing, the girls started swinging at one another.  From the testimony, it was impossible to identify who started the fight.  There was a fight and relatives had to pull the girls off of one another.

Fast forward to January 28, 2012.  The girls ran into one another in a public place.  The girl who filed an injunction was holding a knife behind her back.  Recall my description above of the girls looking like little kids.  I have no idea why this little girl would be in a public place with a knife.  When the second girl learned that the first had a knife, she went to her car and picked up a baseball bat.  She approached the first girl and took a swing.  The first girl somehow missed the blow and swung with the knife.  Somehow each girl lost their weapons and they were engaged in a hair pulling, face pulling, arms swinging fight.  The fight was so bad the first girl ended up in the Emergency Room.

The judge, who appeared to be a gentle man, sternly admonished both girls.  He told them that he was surprised that neither of them did not land in jail.  He warned them that if the behavior repeated itself they should expect to be placed in jail.  I whispered amen to myself.  I wonder if the judge’s clerk saw my lips moving.

Next, the judge caught me be surprise.  He granted the first girl’s injunction.  He told the second girl that she would have not any contact with the first girl.  He did warn the first girl at the same time.  This ruling surprised me because I thought he would have dismissed the injunction altogether.  I thought under the circumstances, the first girl was equally as culpable as the second.  She was in public with a knife behind her back.

Still, I understand why the judge made the ruling that he did.  The second girl had the opportunity to remove herself from the situation.  Indeed, she should have gotten in her car and left.  Instead, she went to her car, grabbed a baseball bat and launched a preemptive strike.

The first lesson is obvious and appears in the preceding paragraph.  The second lesson is also noteworthy.  The second girl did not file a cross injunction.  Unless she was the aggressor, I think that she should have filed one against the first girl. Perhaps this would have improved her chances of receiving a ruling in her favor.

While I feel bad for both girls, this afternoon’s hearing was more entertaining than anything you could see on the People’s Court, Judge Brown or any other courtroom show that you will see on TV.

By the way, where was the dad while the two ‘Baby Mamas” were fighting and taking each other to court?

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