Texas Hospital Invites Employment Litigation on Multiple Fronts

06 Apr

Hospital CEO says Fat Nurses Need Not Apply

I found the following article about a Texas hospital whose personnel policies will keep it in court for a very long time.  First, the hospital invited litigation from its Indian employees because the CEO wrote a memo stating:

I feel a sense of disgust but am more concerned with what this means to the future of the hospital as more of our Middle-Eastern-born physicians demand leadership roles and demand influence.

It will change the entire complexion of the hospital and create a level of fear among our employees.

I hope this is a case where the CEO is failing to listen to his HR people and legal team.  I hate to see this as a case where his staff members gave him the green light to institute such a poorly reasoned memo.  CEOs, you need to listen to your legal staff and HR department.

Now, the hospital CEO is trying to invite claims of disability discrimination or even gender discrimination because of his declaration of war on overweight nurses. The CEO actually banned job applicants from being overweight.   If his issue is the ability of the applicant to perform his/her duties, then an individualized inquiry is necessary.  If he is concerned about patient perception, then he is inviting many problems for the hospital.  For more details check out:  Fat Nurses Need Not Apply.

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