Tampa Attorney Files Lawsuit Against Phony “SEALS”

29 Apr

A Tampa attorney has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a retired Navy SEAL against individuals who claim to be SEALs, but allegedly are not.

The plaintiff is Don Shipley, who retired from the Navy as a Senior Chief and now owns a business called the Extreme Seal Experience.  The Extreme Seal Experience is a training camp for anyone who wishes to prepare for Seal Training, Ranger School or any of the other elite military courses.  According to Shipley, students also include business people, accountants, attorneys, etc.  My initial thought is why would someone pay anyone to endure the kind of abuse that you would find at SEAL training or any of the elite military schools.  After watching one of Shipley’s videos, I thought it is only one week.

According to Shipley there are other businesses that offer similar experiences.  Shipley’s problem is the owners of these businesses hold themselves out as former Navy Seals, but they lack the necessary credentials.

Shipley’s lawsuit alleges that the defendants interfered with his business by fraudulently misrepresenting themselves to potential customers as former Navy SEALs.  Shipley also alleges that the defendants have tarnished and harmed the reputation of all SEALs.

Shipley says that he is not after the barroom loudmouth who may connect himself with the Navy SEALs to pick up the girl.  Rather, he wants to go after those who try to profit off of SEALs credentials, which they do not have.

Shipley’s lawsuit may be the first of its kind.  Certainly, it will be worth watching as the case develops.

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